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Get Fit.

Feel Strong.

Have Fun.

Why Kickbox With Us?


Feel Empowered


Get Results


Be Part of a Family

What You Can Expect at Markham Kickboxing

Choreographed combos because safety is first
Partner and group drills because we lift each other up​
Conditioning exercises because results are important

We are not a community.

We are a family. 

We grow together and empower each other.

We just happen to also be kickboxers.


Our Kickboxing sessions are designed for all skill levels. We incorporate strength, conditioning, and partner drills with technical training so you get a satisfying workout while improving your skill.

About Us

What People are Saying

“Sabrina is excellent. Personable, fun, energized, encouraging. She breaks down movements, gives individual feedback during class."

"Love it. Sabrina is encouraging and tough. A great combo to get you motivated!"

"I love Sabrina's coaching style. She encourages the students to do their best, but she doesn't overstep or make the students feel bad if they cannot complete certain moves or exercises. Sabrina's energy is also very contagious. I would want to push myself to do more because of her."

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